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Thermal Grease

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Thermal Grease is a high thermally conductive silicone material, and almost never curing temperature of -50 ℃ - 250 ℃, long-term use of the wealth of the state. With both excellent electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, low oil from the degree (towards zero), high temperature resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance to weathering. Furthermore, our products are well-appreciated due to their purity, thermal and oxidative stability, hydrolytic stability and water tolerance etc. It also has high thermal resistance properties and does not melt or solidify at extreme temperatures. Tested on various parameters, these products offer very high drop point which is essential for thermal and structural stability. We are expert in manufacturing and supplying this range of Thermal Grease that finds versatile applications like mounting studs of transistors, diodes and silicone rectifies to provide effective heat seal and to improve conductivity at heat sink junctions. It can be widely applied over a variety of electronic products, the surfaces between the heating elements in electrical equipment ( power transistor , SCR, Electric heap , etc.) and cooling facilities (heat sink, heat, shell, etc.) , from heat transfer medium of the role and resistant of moisture , dust, corrosion , shock performance. They are also suitable for surface coating or as a whole potting for microwave communications, microwave transmission equipment, microwave power, and various power supply microwave devices.

Non-Silicone Thermal Grease NS200

JPNS200 are formulated with Synthetic fluids and highly conductive ceramic fillers. These finely engineered compounds provide low bleed and solve the problems of contamination and migration associated with silicone based products. 
They offer better stability for a longer life cycle with high thermal conductivity (2 W/m°K) and low thermal resistance (0.014 °C-in2/W).

Product Specifications  

viscocity Paste state, 30 ± 10 Pa·s @ 103 s-1Cone & plate Rheometer
color gray
Thermal conductivity(w/mk) 2
application Applied in a variety of electronic, electrical appliances, electrical cooling of the crystal
function Heat to the heat quickly through the thermal grease on the aluminum plate to complete cooling effect
weight 1KG
Product shelf life After six months in the making

Usage and Notes:
1. After the factory thermal paste, as far as 6 months after use.
2. If there is the use of oil separation, and it is the torsion normal variability of the phenomenon of thermal paste, stir only after the return to normal use.
3. For CPU, graphics card ... and so need a quick cooling of electronic components.
4. Avoid dust or impurities attached to the thermal paste, which leads to increased thermal resistance and reduce heat dissipation.
5. After use, cover the container should be placed in the refrigerator and back to it.

Storage and management practices:
1.Handling, please pay attention not to destroy, to break the container.
2.Preserve the environment: temperature refrigeration, the temperature range +5 ℃ ~ +25 ℃.
3.Keep away from heat sources and combustible fire.
4.Do not place in the dust clouds of the air environment.
5.When not in use, keep the container in a closed case.

1.Avoid prolonged contact with skin.
2.Avoid contact with eyes and non-food.

August 29 2012

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